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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already have a factory-fitted alarm; can I still have a Clifford alarm system fitted?

A. More and more cars are coming already equipped from the factory with alarm systems, but the very fact that each one is the same as every one off the production line is a weakness that car-thieves prey on.  Clifford security systems can be fitted to any car, regardless of whether a factory alarm is already present or not.

Q. Can a Clifford system invalidate my vehicle warranty?

A. No. But this can be a ploy used by some car salesmen to illicitly force a customer to buy only their services, 'approved' add-ons and replacement parts.  A correctly installed Clifford alarm system cannot damage a vehicle in any way whatsoever.

Q. Can I buy direct from you, and do the installation myself?

A. Sorry, no. Clifford vehicle security systems (and indeed al Thatcham approved devices) require professional installation by an Authorised Dealer. Rest assured though, we are an authorised dealer and have undergone thorough training on Clifford products. Unless an authorised dealer installs the system, the warranty and anti-theft guarantees would be void.

Q. Can I have a remote engine starter fitted to my manual transmission car?

A. Yes, absolutely you can. There are now many systems available that allow remote engine starting of all vehicles , some that do not even require an alarm system to be fitted .

Q. I am looking to replace my speakers and am not sure what type to go for, coaxials or componants?

A. There is no perfect solution for all I am afraid. There are Pros and Cons for both types of speaker. Read on or why not pop in or contact us to discuss this further . Advice is free at Blackpool Security Centre.

pros - Components allow you to position the drivers separately and more carefully, which will give you greater control over imaging. Try to keep the mid and tweeter as close together as possible - this will make the two drivers sound more like a single speaker, and preferably in the same plane (pointing in the same direction). If your standard speaker locations are very low down in the car you can place the tweeters higher up to lift the sound stage.

cons - Components require more work to install as you will have to mount the tweeters separately, and most component kits also have separate crossovers. There is often very limited space to locate the crossovers and they require far more wiring. Components also require more power to drive them as there are 2 pairs of drivers and the crossovers also soak up quite a bit of power. Therefore to get the best results you will need to add an external amplifier.


pros - Coaxials are much simpler to install, usually just a case of removing the original speaker and screwing the new one in it's place. The two drivers are in exactly the same place therefore not separating the sound source. Coaxials are perfect for rear speakers as imaging is not so important. A high power head-unit normally provides enough power to adequately drive a pair of coaxials, therefore no separate amplifier is necessary.

cons - Tweeters cannot be moved therefore the imaging is restricted by the location, if the speaker location is low in the front door (as most cars are) the sound stage will be fairly low - I have not yet come across anybody with ears in their feet!!

Q. Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

A. NO! Radar Detectors have been legal in the UK since 1998. We would recommend checking the legality if traveling outside of the UK.

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